For all the right reasons.

As most of us station ourselves at desks in front of our computers and peruse the latest threads on our favorite forums or check the newest fitment blog updates, it’s easy to lose sight of the people and personalities that lie behind each car. Behind each car is a builder with an unquestionable passion for cars just like you and me.  Whether it’s a full-functioning track rat or a slammed cruiser, a JDM whip or a Euro machine, there’s someone that has poured their heart and soul into the car that sits before you on your computer screen.


Miguel Zargoza is one of those people who has kept his focus on the most important part of this automotive hobby….the people. He strongly believes that a car garners its value from the effort that its owner puts into it during those long days spent wrenching away in the garage. To Miguel, it’s not about what model car you drive or whether your car has real wheels or fakes. He’s more interested in the hard work and expression of style that goes into the long task of building a car. To him, that’s what makes a car special. We couldn’t agree more and that’s exactly why we’re so enamored with his work of art.

Like many of us, Miguel’s love for cars started at a young age where toy cars ruled and we all dreamed of one day owning the nicest car ever. No matter how grand or far-fetched, it’s important to hold onto our childhood enthusiasm and aspirations. It’s the pursuit of these dreams that brings the most enjoyment and will forever keep us young at heart. Miguel’s father was a mechanical engineer who had restored an old Datsun, so it’s no surprise that Miguel chose the 350z as the canvas for his self expression as he set off on the path for perfection.

You may remember Miguel as the driver of a minty flavored Z, as his car spent some time adorned in light mint green paint prior to its current garb. Unsatisfied with the color, Miguel went back to the drawing board and came up with the Tiffany Blue paint that shines so well in the western sun today.  Painting your car such a loud and unique color is one of those moves that even your best friends question, but Miguel was dead set on his decision and would do whatever it took to achieve his vision.

With a color already in mind, Miguel set out to find someone who could fulfill his demands. His search brought him to Yuya of VIP Modular. VIP Modular is a company quite familiar with the pursuit of style and is willing to do whatever it takes to facilitate their customers’ dreams. To meet Miguel’s needs, Yuya had the VXS210 wheels finished in Chrome Pink with high polished lips. The Chrome Pink is the perfect complement to the Tiffany Blue paint as the duo glistens in the sun, drawing attention from the public wherever the car goes. As it hovers over the pavement, you find yourself wondering how he manages to drive the car on a regular basis. You’re quickly clued into the extent of his commitment when he backs out of the parking lot onto the street in order to avoid snagging his front lip on the minor curb. That’s true devotion.

Miguel is in this game for all the right reasons. He builds his car as a form of self expression and finds value in the friendships that he has built over the years. As part of the Lowballers, he has found himself amongst a family of friends who share the same passion and it’s those friends that make this all worthwhile for him. Take a note from Miguel’s book: A car is your own personal medium for self expression. Each car is an embodiment of its owners own style and vision. Rather than give into the petty internet critiques, celebrate the personal aspects of a car build and relish in the relationships you build along the way. Car builds will come and go, but those friendships will last you forever.

“And a special thanks to Sean D of LowBallers”- Miguel


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