Transmit: Worthersee + SoWo

Releasing today is AWOL’s take on the revered Austrian euro festival simply known as “Worthersee.” The coverage makes it clear that the Europeans don’t mess about when it comes to their car builds. The scenery, both agricultural and curvaceous in nature, don’t hurt the production process either.

If you thought that was all you would be seeing.. hang on, because the fellas have tied in Southern Worthersee into this segment as well! This was my first opportunity to attend SoWo, and the footage doesn’t disappoint in conveying the enjoyment of the event.

Enough rambling; here’s the StanceWorks exclusive trailer for E3S3:

As always, for the full segement, click on the link below:

AWOL E3S3: Worthersee + SOWO from AWOL


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