Long Beach Shipping Yard never looked so good!

-February 2, 2011-

Long Beach Shipping Yard never looked so good!

Mike Burroughs

This is AWOL's look at Brian Henderson's B8 A4 Avant, and per usual, it does not disappoint. I was fortunate to accompany Brian, JJ and Steven on the filming, and the location could not have been better. Turns out, the concluding scene of the original Fast and the Furious was shot a rocks throw from where the Avant was positioned. To say I felt like a "kid in a candy store," is putting it mildly.

In this segment, not only do you get a intimate look at Brian's exceptional Avant, but you also get a inside look at why Rotiform was created and the reason why Brian Henderson and Jason Whipple are excited to wake up every morning.

Here is the StanceWorks trailer of AWOL's E3S4:

As always, for the full segement, click on the link below: