Stirring the Pot: The Rotiform Audi S5

As we said before Rotiform is taking SEMA by storm this year. Sitting in the front row of the wheel industry means your product is in hot demand, and with everyone wanting the latest and greatest from Rotiform, it only makes sense that they give their hand at trying something new.

One way to do that is to take an S5 and head the exact opposite direction as everyone else.  We are well aware that matte finishes on cars are nothing new, but the matte white vinyl from  Meguiar’sWraptivo does a great job of showcasing something that is. Rotiform has earned themselves quite the name in regard to their finishes, ranging from polished and chrome, to candy chromes and now flat metallic candy red.

The candy red works well on the super-concave NUEs, and it just the first step in many things Rotiform is attempting to do towards bringing innovation to the industry and the community. As we mentioned previously, Rotiform isn’t afraid to try something new and “out there”. They’ve really grabbed ahold of the 3-piece market, as well as having implemented wheels with a concave & lip design.

The Rotiform S5 is currently in the Falken Tire Booth, elevated about 6 ft above spectators on a gnarly 35 degree inclined ramp.  The project had the special opportunity of unveiling Falken’s brand new Azenis PT722 A/S.  It’s Falken’s first ultra high performance, all-season tire with a deep tread depth for stability in wet-road conditions.   Who doesn’t want more security when driving low profiles in all conditions?

Of course no Rotiform project is complete without getting it as low as possible.  Airlift Universal’s were utilized to get the 20 inch NUE’s tucking up in the fender wells.  The combination of wheel concavity in relation to the tuck really gives off a “concept-car” appearance; perfect for SEMA Show’s expectations.

To round the project off, Stasis Engineering provided their Alcon Big brake kit with Adam’s Rotors making a custom set of matched rear rotors to tie the braking together.   Acoustic music is provided by Stasis’ cat-back exhaust which renders the OEM sound system all but worthless.  An extended red-leather interior ties the wheels in with the overall theme, giving the S5 great continuity.

And that wraps up our SEMA feature week. It’s been a crazy week for Stance|Works, with some incredible opportunities in the pipeline for 2012. We want to thank all you who support us in what we do and continue to represent our community. Stance|Works is as much yours as it is ours, and we will continually operate in that mindset.


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