It’s finally that time of year. Whether you’ve been looking forward to it or not, the season of pain-ridden fingers and too many layers of clothing to actually be productive is upon us.

Some of us have our cars tucked away for the season, sitting in garages, waiting for the snow to melt and the plants to turn green once again. Then again, there are those who have swapped out the summer wheels in exchange for steelies and blizzaks, making the daily grind in the same car that was a show stopper just weeks ago. Lastly, there are the guys who keep at it, rain, shine, or even snow.

Fun in the Snow from Angled Lines on Vimeo.

The show season will be back upon us before we can catch our breath, but I have no doubt that through the winter we’ll see some incredible builds take place as groups of friends huddle around cars tucked away in non-insulated garages, swearing endlessly as fingers start to bleed hours after they are smashed after a wrench slips off a bolt. It’s one of those love-hate things. You finally get a chance to tear your car down, just as you did the year before, and see what you can come up with to drop jaws next year… but damn if it’s not brutal. Agonizingly cold wind, endless amounts of melted snow making everything impossibly wet, and those constant trips to let your extremities thaw out make that sense of completion at the end of winter worth it.

So, whether you’re wrenching or driving this winter, whatever you do, don’t spend the whole season sitting inside.

Or maybe you live in California. You may be laughing at the rest of us, but remember, your car laws suck.



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