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I have always been a BMW guy since a young age. I remember drooling over an Avus blue e36 m3 when I was 8 on vacation in Europe. Since then I’ve owned 3 e36s and always been a pure Euro dude. Over the past years, however, my interests and motivations changed especially with the introduction of Stanceworks. My passion for cars branched out. The drift world really took a hold of me as I started trying to lose traction rather than gain it at the auto-x.


Edafe’s Z in Effect.

Mike Burroughs

With the recent release of our Zero Clearance Coilovers for the 350Z/G35, we couldn’t be more excited to post AWOL’s latest piece.
Once again, Edafe’s car exhibits our suspension systems to their utmost abilities… Yeah, that’s right… in this video, Edafe’s car is on our coilovers… not bags.
We’re sad everyone can’t ride in the car, because even at these heights, the ride quality is the best, bar-none.
Enough with the raving, check out the video.


Edafe Omosowofa’s name might not be synonymous with “Oh my lord, that’s slammed”, but if you’ve been a part of the 350Z community for very long, chances are “Royal_T” rings a bell. His Z has always been at the top of the food chain. It’s unbelievably low and flawlessly executed. It’s also driven. Hard.


“Well, 80% of My Friends Are From Cars.” – Josh Peltier
Josh tells me that most of the friends he relies on today have come from his love of cars. You may not be friends with him yet, but we’re here to help you get to know him.
Josh is taking charge over on the eastern seaboard, living the low lifestyle we all know and love. You know… the lifestyle that isn’t just about driving around in a lowered car… The one that’s about the people, the community AND the cars…

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