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The Daily Driver. There’s a certain dedication required when you enter into the commitment of daily driving the same car that accompanies you to every show through the season. The pot holes and speed bumps make your oil pan and suspension bushings cringe on your way to work. The rock chips and bug splatters threaten the glossy exterior as your car clocks away countless highway miles on a road to somewhere new.


Having made a serious name for himself with his previous build, a black-on-black Lexus SC, Milt Salamanca has been putting fender strength to the test for years now. Touting the license plate “SCWEET 1”, the car was notoriously broad in the shoulders, sporting a widebody capable of fitting what seemed like a dually rear end underneath it. However, as everyone learns one way or another, all good things come to an end.


Australian Conviction

Daniel J Oxer

What makes people like us tick? Why do we look at a car and think about the way it would look if you made a couple of simple adjustments? Some things in this world are mysteries that we will never know, but I take comfort in knowing that there are literally thousands of us who all feel the same way.

When you walk down the street and you see a car that catches your eye, you stop and stare.


We’ve made no attempt to hide the fact that here at StanceWorks, we are a diehard group of BMW fans. It can often be tough for us to deviate from German steel to provide our readers with content that is more appealing on a broad scope, but if you’ve been around long enough, you know that sometimes we fall back to our roots. Season after season, the S|W garage has gotten older and older, with an E10 parked in the shop and an E9 just outside…


StanceWorks goes to SEMA

Mike Burroughs

We’re finally home from SEMA, one of the largest automotive trade shows in the world. SEMA, which stands for Specialty Equipment Market Association, holds the annual SEMA Show once a year, allowing buyers, sellers, and exhibitors to congregate across 2 million square feet of exorbitantly extravagant booths and cars.  It is the industry’s ultimate networking tool, allowing companies to meet one-on-one to further their businesses.

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