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Photography by Bryan Cheney
“What year is that thing?” – If you’ve ever owned a classic car, you know the question well. Chances are it’s the first thing a curious stranger will ask you when you pull up at a gas station. Older cars just seem friendly and inviting. You’ll end up deep in conversation with passers-by as they reminisce about how they had a friend or relative who once had some similar car when they were a kid.


At the beginning of March, we took a look at Mike Unland’s 1959 Beetle, which stands as a testament to his detail-centric nature. While most aircooled fanatics would be proud to own just one car of Unland’s caliber, Unland’s own garage continues with more than just one aircooled creation. However, his second build is stark in contrast to his bagged and stylistic Beetle – a 1966 Type 3 Notchback catered to the more conservative fans of the marque.

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