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Picture this: a “Utility Yellow” Chevy 3500 stake-bed truck, formerly owned and operated by the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation. Imagine the neglect and rust you’d expect to find under and within it, thanks to a life lived hard and put away wet. Think of the “government fleet vehicle”-spec trim and complete lack of features of any kind, including a vinyl seat and vinyl flooring. It refuses to start without ether or compressed air in the fuel tank.


Every once in a while, it’s nice to leave the lowered cars behind in the name of some weekend fun; however, there’s no fun in making things any easier on ourselves. Instead of speedbumps, we made a Sunday of climbing rocks and dodging holes. Andrew, Cody, and I got together with our great friends Geoff and Kyle, and their pair of Range Rovers, to hit the trails in Big Bear, California.


Capital Jam 2011

Ben Terry

Most people would think that the capital of Australia is Sydney. Guess what….

It isn’t. Canberra is the heart of the Australian Capital Territory, where all the politicians gather to scream at each other like children in kindergarden. I’m not exaggerating, google it.

The minitruck scene in Australia is somewhat smaller then that of America, but none the less there are some quality builders here who are willing to put in the hours of labour for what they love.