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There are, to put it simply, only two types of people. There are those who love dogs; who know the joy a cold, wet nose on the side of the cheek can bring at the end of day whether it be good or bad. They know the sense of loving frustration when, mid praise, a dog manages to get their ever-kissing slobbery tongue into your half open mouth. They know the unconditional love and companionship a dog provides, morning, noon, and even while you’re trying¬†to sleep.


Who is Mark P?

Mike Burroughs

Our community is filled to the brim with different niches and groups, ranging from Nissan owners and Datsun enthusiasts to guys with rotor-shaped hearts and guys that refuse to touch anything newer than 1932. It’s one of the great things about the automotive community; no matter what you’re interested in, there’s a group of like-minded people out there who will welcome you with open arms.


2011 Edition 38

Ben Terry

It’s rare that I’ve got the chance to shoot anything other than drifting it seems this year. The sheer number of events we’ve been treated to this season have meant that whenever a non-drift weekend comes along I like to make the most of it by spending time at home with my family or generally doing something altogether non-car-related.

This put me in an interesting juxtaposition this weekend. The British Drift Championship takes place on Sunday only for this round.


We are about to give you a short series on various perspectives from some of the StanceWorks photographers / members who got a chance to experience the wonderful weekend, referred to as Southern Worthersee. This first post is from the eyes of our good friend, Matt Dobre. Matt comes into everything he does with a sense of spontaneity and enthusiasm and it shows in his pictures.