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Each corner of the world plays host to its own unique tuning cultures. Styles and trends emanate from different parts of the world, often labeling each country as an individual “genre” in tuning tastes. Us Americans build cars a bit differently than the Japanese, and the Japanese from British.


Gatebil: The Experience

Kielan Prince

There is no way that I could possibly truly describe Gatebil, it’s just not possible. For some inexplicable reason, 44,000 people gather at Rudskogen Motorsenter in Norway, for a 3-day long, what the event organizers call “track day.” Although to call this just a “track day” would be the most serious understatement of all time.

Gatebil is way more than just a track day; hell it’s pretty much a way of life.


Gatebil: arguably one of the craziest weekends in the automotive world. 4 weeks ago, they held an event in Sweden at Mantorp Park. It was unlike anything I had ever seen. Roughly 20,000 people showed up and there must have been at least 1,000 participants. Something I feel as though could never happen in the US.

Gatebil doesn’t just focus on one area of motorsport either. Drifters, time attack racers, and people who just want some track time are all welcome.


The BMW E30 M3 is regarded by many as the best BMW ever made. It set standards still held today as to what a performance car should be; a certain degree of rawness yet the tameness to be a perfect daily driver.  Known to many as “God’s Chariot”, and a machine not to be tampered with, many believe it was perfect just the way it came from the factory. If you are one of those people who believes that, I suggest you close your computer right now and quietly leave the room.

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