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Round One of Formula Drift has concluded, but the scent of rubber lingers. The streets of Long Beach, California are scarred and tattered, ripped to shreds by the screaming tires of today’s top 16, and the smoke was never given a chance to dissipate as today’s drivers battled it out for the first podium of the series. Cars smashed and bashed their way through the afternoon, and the podium was met with both familiar and new faces.


Formula Drift is Back

Mike Burroughs

Formula Drift is back.
It’s been an almost unbearable wait since the 2011 season came to an end with Daijiro Yoshihara as the reigning champion. As expected, he made a return to defend his title; however, the streets of long beach will certainly not be a mere repeat of years past. The 2012 Formula Drift season is only a few hours underway, yet makes huge promises of excitement and surprises.