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-Words by Mike Burroughs-
The lowrider community has been one that we at STANCE|WORKS have admired from afar for quite some time. It is, after all, where the mindset of “low is a lifestyle” truly began. It is, without question, one of the most in-depth and involved niches of automotive society. Lowriders have led way to an entire subculture, and is, as a whole, one of the few styles born right here in America.


Many would agree that the 1980s is a decade with its own special place in history as the decade when everything went against the grain. The iconic boxy cars of the era are a quintessential part of automotive history and perfectly match the aesthetics of the time. The 80s were a time when technicolored drapes and cookware matched the absurd hairstyles and electro-disco music that filled the airwaves. It was an era that some wish to forget, yet many wish never ended.


Schwarz und Weiß

Mike Burroughs

Words by: Tom Morrison

Growing up I was always surrounded by cars, most of them BMW’s of the classic variety such as 2002’s, e3’s and e9’s. I feel these earlier BMW’s and cars like the E24 6 series have so much character, it’s hard not to love them! This probably was a key reason behind why the second word I ever spoke was “car”.

Fast forward to early 2004 (at age 15), I decided I wanted a restoration project; something fun, cheap and simple.


Every now and then we meet people in our lives that amaze us. People with motivation and determination; people who are driven. Aaron, who some of you may know as Maximus, is one of those people.
Last week, the minitruck scene in Australia had one of the biggest annual shows of the year, and the oldest on going show to date, the East Coast Cruise. People travel from across the country to attend. Little did they know that Aaron had a surprise in store for the show.


Drift Attack 2.0

Ben Terry

Much like a heart attack, drift attack grips the being of Victorian Drifters and squeezes until all circulation is cut off. Round 2 of Vic Drifts Drift Attack was held at Calder Park, a course that has been off limits for years due to politics with the owners of the track. Drifting used to be a monthly occurrence here, but was closed down due to a decision by management.