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Long and Low

Mike Burroughs

Words and Photos by Mike Alexander

When it comes to badass 60s customs there’s a crew from a small town in “Kalifas” known as the Locos Banditos that have been building killer rides for the better part of two decades.

Lead by “K-daddy” Kyle Gann (if you’ve never heard the name, K-Daddy’s Kustomz type it into you favorite search engine and you will see more cover car and truck paint jobs featured in magazines world wide than we care to count).


Two three gallon air tanks, a pair of Viair 444s, a VU4 valve manifold, the Accuair management ECU, two water traps, and a collection of 1/4″ airline all neatly packaged into the tight confines of the MINI Clubman hatch thanks to the AccuAir eXo-mount. The compressors hum quietly away atop their vibration damping mounts as you fill your tanks in anticipation of playing with the switches. The rocker switch and touch pad give off a soft glow in the driver’s quarter.


Sticky Business

Ben Terry

Ben and I rolled up the garage door one morning to find this beast casually parked outside as if it were nothing special. That’s the beauty of relocating ourselves out here in the heart of a flourishing automotive world. Everywhere we turn there’s something new, inspiring, or jaw dropping to feed our automotive passion. Between the aggressive rake, staggered wheels, and meaty tires, this tubbed-out Camaro had a steamroller style stance showing that it means business.


It’s been a mellow week in California, running between various car meets and taking in all that the car community has to offer here. Between the sunny weather, proximity to the beaches, and the prevalence of car enthusiasts, it’s hard to beat an environment like this. It really gets the motivational juices flowing and makes you excited to spend days and nights in a garage getting your car ready for the next meet.