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A large part of the automotive build process lies in the search. We scour classifieds, dig through boxes of parts, and roam junkyards looking for that thing that strikes us as “just right”. Each one of us has an image in our heads of the perfect car and it constantly infiltrates our daydreams. For some it’s a sleek black VIP car with flat lipped wheels cambered into radiused fenders.


Seeing Things Through

Mike Burroughs

What defines a “car build?” For a lot of people over the past few years, a build is simply a set of wheels combined with suspension adjustment that results in something with visual appeal. Traditionally, however, a build is tearing a car down to really dig in and create something one-off and unique that embodies time, sweat, and imagination. It’s what separates good looking cars from “builds” that inspire and stir emotion within us.

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