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Between the finished projects that grace the homepage of STANCE|WORKS lie true works in progress; cars that have yet to hit the streets in final form. For some, it’s an interim that is more holy than the completed car itself, and for others, it’s merely a means to an end, the path required for the car they dream of. Brody’s 1930 Plymouth falls in between; a rat rod slowly coming together to terrorize asphalt and children alike, and we’re excited to share his progress.


Viva Las Vegas

Mike Burroughs

To say there’s a gap between our generation of “car guys” and the last is an understatement. There’s an unquantifiable list of reasons why that gap exists, far more than just “age”. There really aren’t many guys above 25-30 who find themselves dropping their cars as far as possible and stretching their tires to fit wheels that our fathers would tell us simply “don’t fit”.