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The snow outside is probably going to stick. The salt trucks are out here in Minnesota. The road and cars are covered with the white dust the county lays out on the road to keep us all from freezing to death in a ditch. This means my ‘72 911 is tucked safely away in the garage. I didn’t even have a chance to take it out one last time.
Winter rolled in more swiftly than usual this year, once again putting motoring itself in extended stasis.


Neslted between the rolling hills of central California, along the beautiful Pacific Coast lies the Avila Beach Golf Resort. StanceWorks proudly invites you to join us for a weekend of cars, sand, and sun as we host the first annual Avila Motoring invitational. Car enthusiasts from all over the West Coast will enjoy a scenic drive along the shoreline on their way to a wonderful weekend in Avila Beach, a town known for its beautiful scenery and relaxed atmosphere.


A lot goes in to creating something worth while, and as with everything we do at The Lowly Gentlemen, we’ve gone to the corners of the world to bring a dream to fruition. We’re pleased to announce The Lowly Gentlemen Driving Gloves.
Glove making is a dying trade, with few remaining who are capable of doing it, and even fewer who are capable of doing it well. It was important to us that we found quality materials and patterns to craft the best possible driving gloves.

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