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Photography by Anthony Sundell
In a day and age when people seem to lean towards the outlandish or radical, it leaves those with a  simplistic beauty standing out of the crowd. Every piece complimenting next whether it is inside or out, which all comes together to create a stunning result. The result is carefully calculated with each modification, everything has to be perfect down to the minute details.


The MKV on RSs.

Mike Burroughs

When it comes to any chassis, there are millions of ways to assemble it. The number of parts and pieces available to tailor a car to your liking is endless, but sometimes, we find ourselves falling back on the simplest of solutions. The “MKV + Air ride + RS” combination is one that has been done more times than anyone cares to admit, but it has been done with unquestionably good reason: It works well. It is exemplary of doing something the right way.


Photography: Gonçalo Reis Bispo
Words: George Pritchard
Back in February StanceWorks started to make its presence known in the UK holding its very first meet in a car park in Milton Keynes. Exactly eight months and four meets later, Ace Café in London was graced with the fifth and final installment of the 2011 calendar with a superb end of year gathering to close off the show season.


Words by Clay Hundley – Photos by Matt Dobre
“It’s HIDEOUS! I want it ” Most girls only care about pretty things and Carol Thelen is no exception. What makes Carol unique from most girls is that she immediately sees the potential and enjoys the adventure of building a beautiful car. While in Seattle on an internship I bought a clean, one grandmother owned, 1992 VW Golf GL for a daily. I had dirty thoughts of making into a track car when my other car was finished.

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