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Deep in the heart of Russia, Vladislav Shkurko has been hard at work, not only reassembling a rather unique Toyota Mark II, but also adding some incredible touches of his own. In blending classic Japanese styling with a hint of Russian flair, there’s little not to love about the future-classic. The true to heart Japanese aesthetic bestowed upon the car is enough to merit a feature of its own, and the work put into the car makes it doubly so.


Words by Clay Hundley – Photos by Matt Dobre
“It’s HIDEOUS! I want it ” Most girls only care about pretty things and Carol Thelen is no exception. What makes Carol unique from most girls is that she immediately sees the potential and enjoys the adventure of building a beautiful car. While in Seattle on an internship I bought a clean, one grandmother owned, 1992 VW Golf GL for a daily. I had dirty thoughts of making into a track car when my other car was finished.

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