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The Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance always presents opportunities to capture unique cars. Year after year, we walk away with photo sets of the cars that intrigue us most. Sometimes it’s the oddity of the car itself, and at other times, its the nuances, details, and even occasionally patina that separates one car from a field of legends that each deserve a chance in front of the lens. For 2016’s event, this particular Ford GT40 MKIII captured my attention.


Photography by Kevin Trower
Almost every day, we pop open our browsers, hop on our favorite forum or Craigslist, and pour through
pages of classifieds to pass the time or maybe to just wind down for the night. As we make our way
through the pages, we come across cars just begging to be saved or put out of their misery. They have
been subject to rough daily commutes, learning tools for a novice, or just owned by someone clueless on
how to maintain their car.


12 years is an impressive amount of time to own a car. Many of us have started and finished several projects, sometimes more projects than we’re able to remember. To see a project through, especially one that takes such time and dedication, speaks to not only true enthusiasm, but a true bond between a man and his car.

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