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Photography by Ethan Watson
It was in ’73 that BMW brought the 2002 Turbo to the market – but just one year prior, BMW unveiled the “Turbo Concept.” In many ways, it was an M1 predecessor, and is, to this day, still seen by most as the father to the mid-engined legend. Styling cues from the prototype made their way to the M1, ¬†the 8-series, and even the lesser-known Z1. However, under Paul Bracq-penned Turbo Concept’s skin is something far more relevant to our story.


To: Nic — From: Mike

Mike Burroughs

3 years ago, at the beginning of 2009, the idea of STANCE|WORKS came to fruition. It was the product of frustration with the scene at the time combined with the desire to change it. What began as a grassroots blog and a forum that consisted of 10 or so friends posting day to day has grown into more than we had ever imagined. We owe our success to a lot of people; everyone who has taken the time to read the articles we write and admire the photographs we share.