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In the world of the BMW aftermarket, a hierarchy of names exists to separate the bad from the good, and the good from the great. At the top of the list, you’ll rarely find that the likes of AC Schnitzer, Alpina, and Hartge are ever disputed. Be it their racing heritage, or their “mad scientist” approach of cramming oversized engines into undersized cars, they’ve earned their place and staying power.


SoCal Vintage BMW

Mike Burroughs

We know there’s a good chance a lot of you didn’t read yesterday’s article, as there were no slammed cars and no stance to be found. Unfortunately for those of you who were disappointed, you’ll have to be patient with us; today’s article will be no different. Today, we’re sharing our take on the annual SoCal Vintage BMW show, which for you, means plenty of immaculate classic BMW content. Tired of BMWs yet? I would hope not.