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Earlier this year, we spent an afternoon with the Low’n Slow crew from Los Angeles, California. Throughout the day, we took the chance to shoot several of the crew’s cars, such as Jesse’ s Celica and Milt’s 350z. Last but not least, we’re proud to share four of a kind: Noel, Victor, Chris, and Squires’ Gs and Zs.

While entirely unique in their own rights, 350Zs and G35s are very similar cars, sharing what is essentially the same chassis.


The Low-N-Slow Crew

Mike Burroughs

There’s a good chance that if you live anywhere close to fellow like-minded car enthusiasts, you get together with some regularity “shop talk” and wrench sessions. It’s one of the beautiful things about the car community: its ability to unify and bring people together in the name of an interest love we all share.  It’s a bond that is simply inexplainable to those who don’t share it with us..