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When you think of making a 2500 mile road trip across the United States you don’t generally think of hopping into a 41 year old car equipped with no air conditioning, no cruise control, no radio, and seats that don’t recline. When planning my trip, I reminded myself (and convinced my pregnant wife) that at one time, no one had air conditioning. Apparently earlier in motoring history, every trip to anywhere was fraught with misery and despair.


This post may be a little bit different than normal. The images are random shots that I took during Southern Worthersee this past weekend in Helen, Georgia; but while the words may not match up, I hope you’ll get something more from them.
This is story time, with your host, CLB.
SoWo started for me back in January. Mike and I bought our plane tickets while we were sitting in the living room of his parents’ house in Tennessee during the week of New Years.

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