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Photos By: D.Tek
Fortitude is a strong word with stronger connotations. Fortitude is having the will power to overcome emotional and mental adversity without wavering from your original trajectory. I think we can agree that it’s not a word to be taken lightly, as possessing fortitude can be a burden; it’s existence is only accompanied by great pain. However, pain and adversity offer us opportunity for our character to be sharpened.


Words by Clay Hundley – Photos by Matt Dobre
“It’s HIDEOUS! I want it ” Most girls only care about pretty things and Carol Thelen is no exception. What makes Carol unique from most girls is that she immediately sees the potential and enjoys the adventure of building a beautiful car. While in Seattle on an internship I bought a clean, one grandmother owned, 1992 VW Golf GL for a daily. I had dirty thoughts of making into a track car when my other car was finished.

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