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At the beginning of March, we took a look at Mike Unland’s 1959 Beetle, which stands as a testament to his detail-centric nature. While most aircooled fanatics would be proud to own just one car of Unland’s caliber, Unland’s own garage continues with more than just one aircooled creation. However, his second build is stark in contrast to his bagged and stylistic Beetle – a 1966 Type 3 Notchback catered to the more conservative fans of the marque.


The Volkswagen Beetle is an iconic and cult classic automobile. Its timeless design has been built and modified in a multitude of ways, but somehow there are still those that manage to separate from the status quo. One of those people is Mike Unland.

Mike’s 1959 Karmann Kabriolett was built with a philosophy of fusing old school with new, aiming to create a nice blend of styles while maintaining the foundation that made these cars so special.

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