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Dont Miss: Part I and Part II
Andrew Sylvia and I had conquered every challenge the deserts of the south west had thrown at us. Even with our photos of the trip, it’s hard to know how many times we had truly broken down, or how many hours we had spent on the side of the road. Nic and Steph Foster had helped us get back on our feet, and our final leg to reaching a west-coast city was mostly trouble free.


In 2009, Andrew Sylvia and I set out on a cross-country road trip to end the summer with a grand finale: 7,000 miles of driving  spent with friends, car lovers, and family throughout the USA. With Rusty, the now-famous E28 as our chariot, we had planned on a trip that would “redefine epic,” as we put it. We were on a quest to create a journey for everyone that wanted to follow our progress, and more importantly, we were on a journey to make life-long friends along the way.

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