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I have especially fond memories of Minis. I grew up buying every Mini magazine I could get my hands on, and was luckily enough to have two of them before I could legally drive. They were father-and-son projects until I was bitten by the BMW bug before I could finish them. I sometimes regret getting rid of them when I come across one as cool as Ryan Smith’s 1992 example.

Finding out we were not too far from each other, Ryan and I managed to get together one afternoon.


It’s been a mellow week in California, running between various car meets and taking in all that the car community has to offer here. Between the sunny weather, proximity to the beaches, and the prevalence of car enthusiasts, it’s hard to beat an environment like this. It really gets the motivational juices flowing and makes you excited to spend days and nights in a garage getting your car ready for the next meet.

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