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It was five years ago today that I funneled my thoughts through my keyboard and onto the StanceWorks homepage. In coming across this old gem today, I was reminded how little has changes, but how much we have grown. We set out on a mission to move the car community in a direction we saw as positive and reinforcing, and I like to think we’d made some serious strides. See our article from 2011 below, and let us know how you think it has aged 5 years on.


A Common Spark

Mike Burroughs

If you’re anything like your grandfather, there’s a chance that, a long time ago, behind his garage door sat something he cherished. Maybe it was American iron, or perhaps it was foreign steel. It could be that he waxed it every Saturday morning, or maybe he left it dirty after the Friday night races. One thing, however, is for certain: we have quite a bit to thank him for.