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While the namesake might suggest otherwise, the E24 6-Series was born as a clearly defined successor to the iconic E9 Coupe. As a grand-tourer built to hybridize and balance the ideals between sports car and luxury traveller. In many ways, it’s the car that helped to define BMW as a marque for at least a decade, if not two. It comes as no surprise, then, that BMW fanatics throughout the world continue to celebrate its prowess and poise.


From hybrids and hatchbacks, to sports coupes and exotics, the Rocket Bunny craze is in full-swing. These rivet-on fenders are now commonplace in car show parking lots, and they’re seemingly a prerequisite for a “successful” build in 2015. Even Matt Miller, from Rochester, New York, felt similarly. The allure of a BRZ clad in fiberglass overfenders was strong enough to lead him to purchase a car, but it wasn’t long before his path deviated entirely.


Seeing Things Through

Mike Burroughs

What defines a “car build?” For a lot of people over the past few years, a build is simply a set of wheels combined with suspension adjustment that results in something with visual appeal. Traditionally, however, a build is tearing a car down to really dig in and create something one-off and unique that embodies time, sweat, and imagination. It’s what separates good looking cars from “builds” that inspire and stir emotion within us.

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