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We and the fellas at Drifted have been talking a good while about the idea of working together in creative ways that could not only help each community grow but to bring about some great collaborations. It’s with this in mind, that we are proud to announce Drifted joining the StanceWorks Syndicate. To kick things off, Alex Quail and Jordan Butters have put together a creative writing piece on how they see wheel fitment playing a strong role in the world of drifting…


StanceWorks UK

Mike Burroughs

Thankfully for car enthusiasts across the UK, the depressing British winter is starting to make the transition in to the depressing British spring. This means we can start to bring our projects out of winter-mode, and meet up in car parks to take photos and chat, without fear of contracting pneumonia.
Ashamedly not spending enough time in the regional UK section of the Stanceworks forum, I first heard about this meet through word of mouth.