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H2Oi 2013 was filled with truly impressive cars, as it is every year – but no matter how many Volkswagens, Audis, Porsches, and BMWs you gather in one place, nothing will define “cool” quite like Jason Sellers’s 1964 Lincoln Continental Convertible. Despite my love for German cars, the American yacht stole the show, encompassing a lengthy number of things I truly love about cars and style.


One of the blessings of our success is the reach we’ve gathered. I woke up this morning to find an email from Ryan Jerrell, expressing his appreciation for the breadth of our content, and in particular, our love for the lowrider scene. He was kind enough to share his own car with us, and needless to say, I couldn’t help but do the same. Here’s Ryan’s unbelievably well done ’64 Impala.

We’re hoping this is merely the tip of the iceberg of what may be to come.

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