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Should I buy this car?

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  • Should I buy this car?

    as some may or not know, I sold my estoril e36 M3. Well I finally recived the deposit for it.

    I am still working on my widebody e30 s50 project but I almost feeel as though I have to buy this car....


    Anyways the car is a 911 with Strosek Turbo Widebody conversion with a turbo interior...

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    I know the pics are low res... Ill take some high quality pics tomorrow.


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      Assuming you burn those wheels and replace them with something full polish, I can dig it. Is it a real slantnose?


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        Well obviously the antera's will go. Its a strosek car. They do conversions.
        So to answer your question the answer is no its not an OEM slantnose.

        What if I said the asking price is just a touch over 5k and its in great mechanical condition? (seller is a friend of my parents)


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          For $5k you'd be retarded not to buy it (assuming you can afford the maintenance and such).


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            Originally posted by M.Burroughs View Post
            For $5k you'd be retarded not to buy it (assuming you can afford the maintenance and such).

            I dont have a problem with the old $$....

            Plus someone just bought the e36 too.... Wheels and moar drop are first on the list if I get it.

            My wife is saying no.... I am saying yes...... I guess I just need to go see it. that will make or break it.

            I'm bringing the D40 with me...


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              that looks insane, minus the wheels of course.

              I cant wait to see it remofied.
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                Is it going to stay purple??

                And for 5k if you dont I will.


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                  Well, I wouldn't. But do whatever makes you happy.


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                    Fukin Sean...........

                    Im heading to take a looksie in 2 hours.

                    I fucking love p-carz

                    I want to redo it and sell it.

                    Ill probably keep the color though.

                    New wheels, Cage, Drop. Fin.

                    Oh and he said he is negotiable on price too lol! :buttrock


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                      I miss you.

                      No homo.


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                          I thought you were turboing your estoril?

                          I say get it but def needs new wheels


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                            I have all the turbo parts for it here, however I got an offer I could not refuse for my M3 so its out of here.

                            Ill probably just turbo my e30 now...

                            I just got back....

                            its not what i am looking for. it needs paint on the passener side, I also was not aware that it was built on a 1977 911 chassis. It looks good but, meh.


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                              Post some pics of this e30! I'm tired of begging.