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    Hi names Lloyd I am trying to get some sponsors how can i go about doing that? i need suspension badly.

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    Lloyd.. welcome to the site.. no offense is intended here, but this is a straight up terrible way to go about acquiring any sort of sponsorship. Sponsorships aren't what they use to be when Fast and the Furious came out. Companies have small marketing budgets and have to be very particular of the projects they sponsor.

    Typically this means they end up working with high end builds that already have a decent amount of money into them. In the off chance that they want to sponsor enthusiasts, they expect a full proposal to be written and some excellent pictures of the current state of the build. More then that though, you need to list out what marketing is going to come out of them sponsoring you. For every $1 they give you in product, they are looking for $5 dollars of value in return. Whether it be taking your car on tour, showing up at all the big shows or getting the cover of a relevant magazine, this is a big expectation of a Return on Investment (or ROI) for the sponsorship they are giving you.

    I would suggest that you go put together a killer proposal of your car build, print it out on nice gloss paper, bind it and mail it to the companies you wish to work with. I would then follow up with a phone call with the hope that they might take you seriously based on the level of effort you have put in. I can tell you for certain, that you have a better shot at acquiring sponsorship by throwing rocks at the side of a company's office then making a random post on a forum.

    I would also suggest that you get to know the community, before making such requests. Again, welcome to StanceWorks and good luck with writing your proposal.