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  • Dudermagee
    Thread is over a year old and they arent a sponsor anymore....

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  • Rajeet@APT9Wheels
    started a topic Some New Heat

    Some New Heat

    Ladies & gents we apologize for the lack of contribution lately. We've been extremely busy, but we wanted to get active with you all once again. We'll be putting up more heat shortly as we have another shipment of wheels coming in from Japan soon.

    In the meantime, we thought we'd share a little taste of some work that we just wrapped up on a classic wheel, and it's now for sale!!

    Blitz Type 01 CX

    Front - 17 x 9 (+22)
    Rear - 17 x 9 (+22)
    Lug Pattern - 5 x 114.3

    Fully polished w/ 24k Bolts all throughout.

    Price - $2000

    For serious buyers, holler at us.