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RARE SSR Formula Mesh 17x9 +10 and 17x10 +0

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  • RARE SSR Formula Mesh 17x9 +10 and 17x10 +0

    So I am sure most of you have seen these. I spent nearly a year buying parts/pieces/wheels to make the set you see here. They are the ONLY set I have ever seen on a BMW with a 5x120 bolt pattern, let alone with stepped lips

    Everything on them has less than 100 miles on it - Powdercoat, tires, polish etc

    What they are:

    SSR Formula Mesh - Stepped Lips
    17x9 +10 ~ 3.5" lip
    17x10 +0 ~ 4.75" lip
    72.56 center bore
    White powdercoated faces
    Black Anodized Hardware

    Tires: Like I said before 100 miles on them, 99.1% tread
    215/35 Falken 452s front
    225/35 Yoko S.Drives rear

    They are all perfectly round and true. I did not have the lips 100% re-done so there are a few nicks etc in them but I was quoted another $50/wheel to fix this.

    I am asking $3400 + shipping.
    If you pay with paypal, you pay the 3%.
    I WILL NOT split the tires

    I am going to Eurowerks in Minneapolis next weekend if anyone is interested in these after the show.

    PM me with questions.




    Real name is James

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    holy shhhhhhhhhhh.....if i had an extra 3400...GLWS...some amazingly rare wheels you got there


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      WHY?! those wheels are beautiful..i've always loved the E30 M' of my boy's uncle has one with a M5 motor swap in so fast it's not even whats next?


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        Make them 20s and trade me for the VN-lines. LOL


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          Baller wheels, GLWS. Too bad that I don't have the cash and those are a bit too aggressive for my Touring - I'd have to pull the shit outta my fenders for these to even possibly work and I'm not a fan of very excessive pulling.

          '87 Porsche 944 S | Ex-E36 Touring (2009 - 2016) | Daily: '02 Chrysler Sebring

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            bump, taking offers
            Real name is James


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              I drive a HooptiE
              OZ TOOLS FOR RENT


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                i reallllllyy wish u werent getting rid of these.
                they look so rad on your car.


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                  It is gonna be tough to follow these up... I hope you got something EPIC planned, I would **** to see this car look and less bad ass then it currently does (it is my favorite E30 of all time)


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                    Real name is James


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                      If you fell like losing out on a bunch of money, let me know.



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                        Are these still for sale?


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                          nope. long gone. wheels this epic don't last long, regardless of their price. these lusties were sold to a fellow E30 M3 owner that doesn't post much on the boards. if anyone has links to them mounted on the new car, please do post the link.


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                            Okey.. Just tought they would look awesome on my e34 wagon!


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                              hell yeah they would!

                              just PM him. I know he has the buyers contact information & will probably follow wherever these wheels go just because of the amount of dedication & time/ struggles it took him to get these right. not kidding, but it was like a dozen sets & way too much time spent shipping back & forth.

                              I was gonna rock these too if there was anything I could mount them to. even felt like holding onto them for that 'one day' but would have been silly. seen them at eurowerks that year & literally could not find a flaw. they sat incredibly well & if the spokes weren't mezmorizing, well then the lips certainly were.

                              sorry I'm speaking for you spackler, just loved your formulas. a bit too much.