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Satan Wanted His Car Back.

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  • Satan Wanted His Car Back.

    I'm sure everybody's wondering what's going on, so I'll start with some back-story.

    I had Rusty torn pretty far down because I was planning on some summer renovations, the main one being a shaved bay. I was also working on a new air management setup so I had the suspension off of the car sitting off to the side.

    In the middle of all this, I decided to get Ratty's old engine running while it was sitting in the driveway, all out of sheer boredom. I made a new wiring harness for the engine and during the starting process managed to hydro-lock one of the cylinders full of gasoline. I pulled the spark plugs to plunge the gas out, and while turning the engine over, the battery lead hooked up to the harness sparked. The fuel ignited and sent a fireball towards the garage. By sheer chance, the flaming gas landed directly on another 5 gallon tank of gas. The garage more or less exploded. It went up so fast that there was literally no stopping it.

    We're not allowed to enter the garage until the fire marshall clears it, so we aren't sure of the extent of the damage. All of the wheels that I own, except for the BBS Prototypes, were in the garage. The car itself looks pretty bad and probably isn't salvageable, but we won't know until we're able to pull it out of the garage. It's visibly damaged.

    The bags on the suspension look to have burned up , and what little interior was in the car is toast. Judging by the size of the fire, heat damage has probably rendered the chassis of the car and the wheels structurally unsound. It doesn't really look like much in the garage itself survived, and the garage itself will have to be torn down.

    We got Cory's car out before the fire spread to his side of the garage.

    I appreciate everyone's kind words so far, but I've already been asked by several people if this is some kind of elaborate scheme to bring the car back again. If you think I'd actually burn my garage down, losing most of everything I own and risking the lives of others in the process, that's pretty sad.

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    At the end of the day, it is technically just a car and I'm glad that everyone is alive and no one was seriously injured. I guess it's on to a new project so I'll be on the hunt for something unique.

    I guess Satan just wanted his car back.
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    Sorry Mikey


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        Sorry to hear about all this Mike. Glad nobody was seriously hurt. <3
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            Prayers are with you Mike. It was nice meeting you at Vintage 2 years ago and hope we meet again. Sad to see this in my hometown and with you and your car. Godspeed in your quest for future endevours.
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              All the wheels you own? so like 75 sets of bbs rs's?

              Sorry man.

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              Originally posted by Kielan
              That would liven things up a bit. I could go for a shooting right now.


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                sucks to hear. hopefully some stuff in the garage can be salvaged. good luck with your next project.

                sorry about your garage man.


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                  sorry to hear about it all man, its a very tough loss but im glad everyone was ok.


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                      I feel sick.

                      Love it or dislike it, that is a horrible way for it to go. I am glad you were not injured. No looking back now. Chin up and on to the next big project.

                      There is an E38 V12 nearby for $1500...


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                        Sucks to see and read about this, can't imagine the time you've devoted to that car, and the garage.

                        Hope you get some decent news from all this at some point.


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                          I saw this on Tumblr, wasn't quite sure that it was true until I read it here. Gutted for you, it's shocking stuff really, glad everyones okay though. Just look towards the next project
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                            That's awful.
                            At least, you're ok.

                            Good luck, man.


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                              Originally posted by Average_Jerk View Post
                              Sorry to hear about all this Mike. Glad nobody was seriously hurt. <3

                              Good luck.

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