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  • Short E32 Revival Project

    Hey Stanceworks, it's been a while. I have a quick little project to share that should be wrapped up before Christmas. I bought a 1988 BMW 750iL for $1600 this past summer. Both front seats split open and cables out of whack, leaking every fluid it could be, collapsed SLS, SKETCHY brakes, old tires... You get the picture. I actually bought it as an engine donor for a different project originally, as it only has 115,000 miles (American car) and runs great. However, that project is a ways out at best, and this car deserves a bit more time on this planet. This car was $70,000USD brand new, meaning I scored it for just over a tenth of that, and it really is a good looking big sedan. So, it will live on!

    Here's the car when I bought it:

    Then I put E34 40mm lowering springs on the front and bought some cheap AEZ 18x8.5" ET13s with 255/35r18 Yokohamas. This looked cool, but because the SLS system is part of the power steering system, it never would have been drivable. So , it stayed parked:

    I'm now in the middle of tightening the suspension, steering and brakes back up. Over this past weekend I finished adding new control arms, steering arms, d-bushings, end links, trailing arm links, brake hoses front, mid and rear, rebuilt calipers, new pads and rotors. I replaced front and rear shocks with adjustable E34 Spax units, and added Eibach 30mm E34 rear lowering springs. Most parts are Meyle, the pads are Bosch and anything else was genuine. Sorry for the horrible photos:

    SLS delete for anyone needing to do the same thing, at the rear of the driver's front wheel well there are two flare fittings. They are 10x1mm thread, and all you need is a ~12" piece of line with male 10x1mm fittings. Bend into a small loop and tuck out of the way, and no more SLS:

    I also removed the factory resonator and rear muffler and added 2.5" stainless straight tubing back to two oval tips. Gotta let the V12 sing, plus the stock system is heavy as and the square tips don't do it for me:

    I attempted to run E90 spring hats and E30 camber plates, but this gave the car way too much rake. I would love to lower the rear more to match, but for now I don't want to mess with the rear anymore (rear seats have to come out, no thanks on doing that again). So genuine upper strut mounts it is for the time being. Not as low as I wanted, or enough to be cool here, but what the hey. At this point last night I got the car on the ground and was so tired/excited I went home and didn't get a photo. I'm going back to my shop space tonight to replace the strut mounts, install the exhaust, and replace the battery. Will update with more interesting photos later!

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    Still not driving it yet, but I did snag some photos of the excessive rake, and my new (old) Thule cargo box.


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      Love this big thing, always been a fan of old 7s
      My BMW E36 318ti Steel Blue Compact build thread -


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        Originally posted by Steven_318ti View Post
        Love this big thing, always been a fan of old 7s
        Thanks man, it's been fun!

        Finally finished this beast yesterday, here are a few photos of how she sits now. Finally got actual roof racks under the cargo box and finished fitting the exhaust, and swapped the camber plates and E90 spring hats for stock E30 stuff from another car, raised the front ~1/2". I'll be back at the shop today for some exhaust video as a bonus, this thing sounds so good. Until then, photos:

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          Exhaust sound on Youtube!

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