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  • 1969 Karmann GhiaRu

    Started this back in March...

    1969 Karmann Ghia.

    This is the floor mount area on the driver side rocker...soon to be replaced

    Gas tank out, Front beam out as well.

    Transaxle out... going to be sending this down to Cali in exchange for a Custom geared, heavier duty Transaxle.

    Last night I got this seat out... it was not moving. I used a hammer.

    Got some more little metal work to do. not too bad!

    New 2" Narrowed Beam to go in this weekend after i get some needed tools...

    and just because...

    Here is the album of photos on flickr.


    I cut out as much of the rusty shit as I could in prep for the new metal.

    Thanks for snapping this Jesse!

    I mocked up the new metal and called it a night

    I got my dad out of the house today and he came and helped me with the floor.

    Twas a good day!

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    My Subie swap Karmann Ghia Build

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    Made a Rocker



    Trans raise Mockup

    Dad thinking about stuff

    Once again, that friggen C-clip holding the axle shaft... pain in the ass!

    Putting it up to see where we have to cut.

    And cut we did!

    Clearanced and mocked up.

    2AM came quick!



    My Subie swap Karmann Ghia Build


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      Rancho Transaxle

      Longer studs for the mid mount

      I built a box to close seal off the nose cone. I found a shift boot from an early 80s car at the wreckers. it needs some cleaning haha


      Also got the Torsion arms in with the new ball joints.


      scored 2 motors A 2.2 N/A and 2.2 Turbo!

      The plan was to run the Non-turbo and build up the turbo one for later...

      We pulled the heads off the 2.2 NA because something was binding when we tried turning the flywheel... hmmm. I think I can see why it wouldnt move.

      SO TURBO MOTOR IT IS! we mounted the kennedy engineering adapter plate and got it ready to go on the engine stand.


      I notched the rear spring plates

      So much sanding... I forgot what this part was like...

      I wanted to put the axles back on the Trans. I cleaned up the axle tubes.

      So on my previous builds, i never did any transaxle work... i learned something new today!

      Apparently these Diff side gears are supposed to just "slide out with the axles"? well they didn't...

      Then I got really worried when I realized the new transaxle didnt have them in it!

      But they came out eventually.


      I was going to leave the front fender as it was... turns out I had a change of heart.

      time for some smoothing.

      oh hey there!

      Theres no Intake on the engine. took it off to do some block cleaning.
      But its in!



      iphone photo update...

      for shits and giggles we tucked a 16 Ronal under the fender.

      Im probably going to have to notch the body for the axle... cause the axle in this is level.

      I got photo bombed. this is the dub dynasty... I am currently the only bearded member... so technically im the only member now. Jesse Shaved.

      The creamy white under the pink is the factory paint... i think... regardless, we are going to strip the green off the roof and try to get the creamy goodness back.


      Triple core Mishimoto Rad and Fan for a '92-2000 Civic . It fits perfect in the spare tire well!


      more work.

      I've been at the car every night, 4-6 hours a night. Body work sucks, but its basically done now. Going to wet sand over the next couple of days and get it ready for paint.

      The driver side bucket has some pretty awesome scaring from previous work, chunky brazing and shitty welds... Im leaving it fully exposed. I dug out all the old bondo that was in it.


      Mounted the Rad up front.

      Opened up one of the vents for air flow to the rad.

      I also opened up the hole where the horns are for additional flow.

      Also coated the floor with that POR-15 type stuff. I like it!

      Easy access for when I get a starter and what not (yes there is panel made for it already)

      My Subie swap Karmann Ghia Build


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        New starter!

        aaaaand laying some paint down!


        Jesse's Clubsports sorta fit... barely, enough to move/drag it out. The 9" was too wide but fit better than the 7". We got the car out of the garage sunday evening. That was funny. Its too fucking low. The engine is an inch off the ground and there was rubbing issues front and back. Again, due to the wrong offsets.

        I need to find some D90's 16x8 in the rear and 16x6 for up front.

        Ill probably raise the rear an inner spline or maybe an outer.

        Radiant heat


        Its back in the shop again! time to get it done!
        My Subie swap Karmann Ghia Build


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          So thats everything since Match (2013)

          Where Im at right now is,

          I had to cut out the inner fenders so the 16x8 Phone dials wont rub, There was alot of BS with rubbing tires and what not.... But thats taken care of now.

          The Haltech Stand alone ECU will start to get wired up to the car tomorrow (Nov 3)

          Hope you enjoy!

          Thanks for browsing through!

          My Subie swap Karmann Ghia Build


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            Subscribed. Quality work, with great photo captions. Please continue

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              Interesting project, this thing definitely has character. I like it! Love the photography as well.

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                Wish you would have kept all the patina Good job nonetheless.
                '97 Golf Mk3.


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                  Nice photography, and beautiful work so far. Love that last photo.


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                    Hai Mike.

                    I like em dropped.


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                      love this build.
                      doing it for the internet and the scene kids.


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                        Love how you have Team Beard hats!

                        Awesome work man, looking forward to seeing it completed.


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                          This pleases me hmm


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                            wicked. was gonna get a ghia, ended up with a beetle. great photos too


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                              Looking good!