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1988 MR2 Supercharged... almost stanced?

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  • 1988 MR2 Supercharged... almost stanced?


    Welcome to my build thread. This is the EEEEEMR2. Here is how it looks now:

    Here is how it will look in 2011 with 1" wider barrels in the front (moar stretch) and some suspension tweaks:

    The rest of this post is a timeline, it has a some dead links and talks about some plans that never went through so I gotta "rewrite" it at some point, but it's the basic deal

    My car's nothing special but I know people like to see picture and progress from beginning-end (myself included) so I'll just throw this out there, probably won't have any updates until May or so.


    I'm Ryan, call me Kramer, and I'm a broke college student who lives in Albany NY, goes to school in the Bronx and drives this:

    Quick "cliff notes" of how it's sitting as of August 2010, stance clearly needs to be dialed in, this is just the only good pic I have of the RSs on the car:

    It's a 1988 Toyota MR2 Supercharged with 80k miles, its really in great shape. I love the thing, got it in March '09 and all of '09 I autocrossed it and got into drifting. In May when I'm done with school I plan on finishing up some basic maintenance stuff to get it in really tip-top shape.

    Current mods:
    -Poly bushings all around including engine mounts
    -Stripped frunk/trunk (I'm a detailer and when I do off-site jobs I need all the space I can get, I end up having to take out my spare tire and passenger seat to fit my vacuum, lights, etc lol)
    -185mm crank pulley (14psi instead of 8 stock, makes a pretty noticeable difference)
    -Momo steering wheel
    -JDM/Euro front turn signals. They're clear/orange with driving lights instead of the solid orange of the USDM ones, you can see them in the first pic, most of the rest have the USDM ones
    -Sleepy eyez, real easy to wire up on this car, took my buddy about 4 minutes

    Overall plans for April/May of 2010:
    -"Stage 1" or so clutch, just something a bit more durable
    -Get the A/C blowing nice and cold again (never hooked it back up when I dropped the motor to do the crank pulley)
    -Fix exhaust leak with a new OEM header that I've got in my garage, maybe an electric cutout if I'm feeling ambitious
    -Weld a support onto the front engine mount, they're infamous for cracking under stress from drifting, etc.
    -Upgraded shifter
    -SS brake lines with new pads and possibly rotors
    -Coilovers for moAr l0w
    -Remove third brake light on wing and replace it either with an OEM one that goes in the rear windshield or with one that lights up the "TOYOTA" roof spoiler thing, haven't decided yet
    -Lastly, give it a REALLLL good detail, I never got around to it last year for some reason. The paint has potential to be nearly flawless, I just have to put in the time

    Some more pics of the car:

    I look like a retard here but I love the pic in general:

    Air-vent placed boost gauge :

    Only decent engine bay pic I have, still needs to cleaned up a lot, that'll happen when I drop the motor in May:

    Ran 14.5 @ 92.7 with a slipping clutch, would love to get her down to 14.2 or so with a better clutch in '10. Not bad for a 1.6 liter, huh?

    Some drift pictures, definitelyyyyyy planning on doing as many as I can in '10.

    If you're in NY, MA, CT, PA, VT, NH or anywhere in the northeast and are looking to get into drifting (its safe, not as expensive as you might think, and is TONS of fun), check out !!!

    Open diff + ORIGINAL 1988 OEM suspension FTMFL

    Repainted my stockers/drift wheels

    This is the only AutoX pic that I have, I did 3 or 4 last year and it's also a ton of fun but gets expensive with tires. I won't be doing any Auto X in '10.

    Here are two videos of my friend driving my car in AutoX if you're interested, no vids of me driving because the video dude was driving in the same heat as me:

    [ame=""]YouTube - supercharged mr2 - autocross may 16th and 17th 2009[/ame]

    [ame=""]YouTube - supercharged mr2 - autocross may 16th and 17th 2009[/ame]

    The Koseis that you see in most of the pics are now sold. My current "project wheels":

    They're BBS RS 027 and 028s (16x7 et28 and 16x8 et28). They're currently 100% apart in about 150 pieces if you include all the bolts lol. I'm trying to get them all together over my spring break next week and my Easter break. My goals with them:
    -Have my friend polish the lips and center "bolts" to a mirror-finish
    -Order 136 gold bolts from
    -Paint or powdercoat the centers a grey/dark silver
    -Order red/gold "BBS" logos for the center of each wheel
    -Sell the ~120 or so bolts that are still in decent shape

    A few more pics of the wheels plus a quick test-fit that I did. I'll likely have to order 5mm or so spacers to get the stance that I want (as low as possible, tucking tire front and rear):

    You can really see that it needs a detail here :

    So that's about it for now, like I said I'll likely update this in April when the wheels are done, then in May when the car is all put together for the year, then throughout the summer as I drift it, go to shows, etc etc. I'll be at Import Alliance 2010 in Nashville in July with the car so hopefully I'll see a lot of you there.

    I've also got a few friends with killerrrr cameras who REALLY know what they're doing with them so I should have some studio-quality shots like you see of all the big boyz on here in June too I'm pretty excited about that.

    Okay, that was all as of the end of '09

    MARCH 2010 (still feels weird saying 2010 doesn't it???)

    FINALLYYYYYYY painted the centers of the BBS's

    -1 coat duplicolor wheel paint
    -2 coats duplicolor clear

    TONS of prep thanks to me/my pops/my friends over the past 8 months, painting itself thanks to my friend Dave

    The setup:

    We don't mess around with knockoff wheels over hurr, these are my friend Dave's summer rimz:

    Forgot to get before/after.... here's just "after" haha

    No flash:


    No flash:


    Allllll together now, with flash:

    I am veryyyyy happy with the results, looks like a top notch powdercoat job for less than the price of powdercoating one wheel!! Plus due to great prep work and the clearcoat it'll be just as durable... and the paint looks soaking wet even when its dry haha

    What's left to do before my April 1-5 break (when I'll have them 100% together with tires):
    -My friend Mike is currently polishing the lips and hexcaps
    -Have to seal those with Zoopseal when I get them back
    -Plastic-polish the "BBS" logos
    -Order 136 bolts from blackforest
    -Order sealant
    -Order 195/40/16 tires from someone
    -Put it all together!!!!!!

    I am very exciiiiite, when they're done in April I'll have had them for 10 months. Cannot WAIT to have them done, let alone on the car!!!!!!!

    MARCH 31 2010

    Yo waddup girl.

    Literally better than Christmas.

    My camera SUCKS so the centers look kind of yellow-ish and it doesn't pick up any of the flake in the paint but whatever lol.

    This was just a mock up, but still, I'm so damn happy haha.

    Whats left (today is Wed. 3/31):
    -Zoopseal will arrive/be applied Friday 4/2
    -Wheels will be assembled, sealed and lock-tite'd Sunday 4/4
    -Tires will arrive in the next few days and will be put on Monday 4/5


    MARCH 31 2010

    This morning (worked through the night because I felt like it lol):

    aaaaaaaand as the sun comes up my work is done. I just need to torque the bolts down and seal the wheels tomorrow/today (sunday) so I can have the tires mounted on Monday!!!!!!!!

    April 6 2010

    Well..... I didn't get a chance to finish the BBSs when I was home, they'll be done in mid May when I'm done with this semester!

    May 6 2010

    A few more pics I forgot to post of my RSs (just need to torque the bolts down, seal them and get the tires mounted):

    Also, here is my to-do list for 2 weeks from now when I'm done with finals:

    -Clutchmasters FX100 clutch
    -TRU SS clutch line
    -Resurfaced OEM flywheel
    -TRU ARP Flywheel bolts
    -Transmission fluid flush/change
    -Coilovers , just bought "G4"s
    -TRU Rear tie rod pair
    -TRU (4) ball joint/front outer tie rod kit
    -T3 Front/rear RCA and front tie rod flip kit
    -4 wheel alignment
    -TRU Brake kit (pads, rotors, SS lines)
    -TRU High and Tight brake brace
    -Brake fluid
    -TRU Shifter kit (RSe, JonO, 93+, etc) & shifter bushings
    -TRU C Pillar Hard Plastic Trim
    -TRU Engine prop lid
    -TRU Distributor repair kit
    -TRU T top guides
    -TRU Valve cover sealing washers
    -New OEM header
    -T3 Test pipe
    -New bolts/gaskets throughout the exhaust system
    -TRU Floor mats
    -A/C system "service"
    -New water pump
    -New thermostat
    -Look at oil cooler seals and lines
    -BKR7E 1 step colder spark plugs

    Some of this stuff I already have laying around, some I just ordered, some I'm ordering over the next few days. I plan on taking the car out on Wednesday the 19th and working on it for 3 days straight if necessary, get it aligned on Saturday the 22nd, then I'm taking it to the meet/show/get together on the 23rd in Bristol PA. Within the next few days after that I'll have my friend roll the fenders and I'll test-fit all sorts of spacers to see what I'll need to get it herraflush.

    This'll be the last update until I post during and after pictures/info of all that junk! I haven't seen my car in 9 months so I'll be treating her right with a full makeover the day I take it out

    August 3 2010

    FINALLY, a good pic of my car with the BBSs on it. I still need to spin the coils down a LOT but I only have 3 wheels on and the car is currently aligned so I don't want to mess with it/get another alignment until I have all 4 BBSs on.

    Positive OR negative opinions are very much welcome, but will likely be kindly disregarded because I LOVE how it looks

    One more with me outside the driver's door (I'm 6'5"):

    Lastly, here are before/after pictures and a before video of my "front motor mount debacle:"

    [ame=""]YouTube - Broken motor mount[/ame]

    After (paint is clearly still wet):

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    1988 Toyota MR2 Supercharged
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    reserved for pics (not sure if theres a picture limit per post on this site...)
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    1988 Toyota MR2 Supercharged
    Stance:Nation Feature | Build Thread


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      reserved for pics (not sure if theres a picture limit per post on this site...)
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      1988 Toyota MR2 Supercharged
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        Originally posted by kramerbuccs24 View Post
        reserved for pics (not sure if theres a picture limit per post on this site...)
        There isnt.. Well, I have never reached it..

        Deff needs more lows, but so do many of us on here

        Good luck.. Pics asap!
        Originally posted by anth
        Lucky they didn't come into your house and disrespect your whole family.


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          very nice. gl with it


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            Updated the first post with pics of painted BBS RS centers/wafflecaps and polished lips/hexcaps/BBS logos!!!
            1988 Toyota MR2 Supercharged
            Stance:Nation Feature | Build Thread


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              great progress


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                i see youve been to lebanon. im fairly close to that track. what are some specs on the mr2, how many miles, is it mainly stock? my first car i believe had this same exact motor in it. how often does slideNY do meets? im registered on that site aswell

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                  Its got about 87k on it right now, only mods when I ran were an NST pulley kit and a pepboyz filter, I cut a 2.0 60ft on a slipping clutch and ended up going 14.58 @ 92.7.

                  I'm not sure about slideNY meets, I think there's a calendar on the website?
                  1988 Toyota MR2 Supercharged
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                    wow thats mint for that year. is the body rot bad?
                    my first car was a celica with this motor it reved so high. those toyotas like to rust mine had like 187k when i junked it. still ran like a top the rot was just way to bad.
                    old toyotas are fun cars. real light.

                    Jacques Cousteau could never get this low


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                      Yeah 4A's love the high RPMs! My car has zero body/chassis rot, as well
                      1988 Toyota MR2 Supercharged
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                        Cool. Can't wait to see the RS's fitted.

                        And I've always like those old MR2's.

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                          Updated the OP with pics of 99.9% completed BBS RSs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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                          1988 Toyota MR2 Supercharged
                          Stance:Nation Feature | Build Thread


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                            Nice work man. cant wait to see these fitted.
                            3000GT-Clean daily project.


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                              Originally posted by JawDropper View Post
                              Nice work man. cant wait to see these fitted.
                              x2, good stuff man.