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  • The shaved 88 Shitaco

    Hey. I'm Trevor, I'm 21, and I live in Lexington KY.

    This is my build, and it's a long time coming. Got this car in 2005 when I was 14. It was my first car and taught me nearly everything I know about working on cars. Besides, I had a solid 2 years to fix her up before I could legally drive. The 'Shitaco' name grew from narrow minded kids in high school who dubbed my car the "Shitty Taco" or "Shitaco." I kinda dig it, and it's always stuck in my head all the way through college.

    For those who aren't familiar, the mk2 Scirocco is the ugly duckling, the 'not quite a GTi', or just the shitty taco. They're not exactly desirable, the following behind them is very odd (nothing like other mk1's), and they're not very visually appealing. I decided that my first car deserved a new life as the Scirocco that I wish I had seen on the forums all these years. There's not much to go off of, so bear with me. I took a leap with this project, but I'm starting to see it pay off and wanted to share with everyone.

    These are loosely my plans/specs.
    88 Scirocco 16V

    Smoothed/color matched European bumpers
    European headlights/turns with deleted inners/long grill setup
    Shaved hatch spoiler, emblems, rear sprayer, front sprayers, OEM body kit, and all holes relative to said kit.
    Volvo 940 (I think?) front lip
    Fenders rolled all around (omg stance)
    Rockers, front and rear valences stripped of all undercoating and completely smoothed
    Shaved and polished OEM 16V tail lights
    Respray original Tornado Red (LY3D, base clear)
    20" khrome rimzos

    Interior (relatively simple, it's pretty much all done)
    Corrado front leathers redyed black w/ rear seat delete
    Dash swapped w/ 83 dash
    Converted to crank windows (shit don't break yo)
    Black dyed OEM vinyl headliner/sun visors/relative trim (SEM rocks for this)
    Sunroof panel wrapped in some kind of pseudo-suede material
    OEM 160mph speedo (VW was quite ambitious here)

    Stock drivetrain with completely rebuilt head, all new gaskets, belts, all that.
    New OEM Bosal muffler (can't stand how 16v's sound with aftermarket exhausts)
    KYB shocks/Vogtland lowering springs (coils in the near future?)
    I don't know, I'm sure there's more I've done.


    Started with a stock 88 16V. Blown headgasket among many other problems that plagued a ragged on 80's sports hatch with 130k miles. I believe this was the day I bought the car for $700 sometime in October 2005.

    Fixed many of the Shitaco's problems, and got it to daily driving status in 2008 when I got my full license. Visually... the same, but a rebuilt head and many new parts made this a very fun deathtrap during the end of my Junior year.

    Got a grey door, making the Shitaco even shittier in most everyone's eyes. Original door had lost to rust, but the rest of the car is rust free!

    May 2008 I bought my Mk3 as a daily. Shitaco wasn't the best daily. I had fixed half the broken shit but that just meant it was still halfway inoperable. I decided to tear it down and teach myself some bodywork skillz. This is where I should have stopped being so ambitious. You'll soon see why.

    Pulled the OEM 16V body kit, decided the look I wanted to go for.

    Started buying parts. Found the one thing I REALLY wanted. A wiperless (no hole in glass) and third brake light...less hatch.

    Bought some wheels, and went through a few sets. ATS Cups... Compomotive TH Monos... BCW Powertechs... BBS RS 211... BBS RS 207... and now what I have settled on (pics soon)

    I think this was 2010. Home from college for a summer and dove into the bondo. Big mistake.

    Did manage to shave some stuff. Emblem holes and rear sprayer hole on c-pillar.

    Tried out the RS's from my Mk3 on it, gave me an idea of what kind of offsets I can and can't run on these. There's little to no info on wheel fitment for these cars, seems like no one really does that on Scirocco 2's.

    Stripped it nekkid

    And I mean NEKKID, pulled the glass (surprisingly easy)

    Shaved the tail lights. I'm sure most of you are wondering what the fuck that means... Stock Scirocco tail lights have raised plastic ridges built into them. I took a palm sander with 80 grit and got rid of said ridges. Then sanded up to 2000 and made dem bitches glossy. Before/after:

    It sat for a while in this half assed state of bodywork. I was completely over my head with it at this point. Found out after digging through it that the car was hit AT LEAST twice. Once in the driver front, and a big hit in the passenger rear quarter. I had nothing better to do so I drove it around with no glass in the middle of February (2011?) Uncomfortable to say the least, but it felt quick with all that weight shed.

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    Fast forward to October 2012. Finally got the car from my parents barn to my garage at the house I rent by school.

    Golf, me, and the Shitaco.

    Dyed the headliner using SEM vinyl dye stuff. Satin black I think. Did it with the headliner still in the car. Would have liked to have taken it out but that doesn't exactly just 'happen' with these cars. Headliners are a huge pain in the dick.

    Dyed headliner, visors, trim pieces, and wrapped sunroof panel. Oh and a Mk1 Scirocco (you know, the desirable Scirocco) steering wheel.

    This is the part where I wished I had just not ever done any sort of bodywork to the car. I knew the rear quarter had some filler on it from a previous repair job (like, 90's era repair). I grabbed the wire wheel and sent about 40 pounds of dust all over the neighborhood...

    Oh yay, holes... someone must have riveted the section back into shape long ago...

    Then all hell broke loose and I lost my mind. Damn you Shitaco. Filler went from the b-pillar jamb all the way back to the back of the wheel arch. I found some awesome holes under it all.

    Counted 50 holes under all the filler. FIFTY fucking holes. Why Shitaco, why?

    Rear arch lookin' smooth like da ocean.

    At this point I regretted ever trying to fix it myself. It was clearly way over my head. I wanted to send it off a cliff and never look back. If I wasn't so attached to the Shitaco I probably would have.

    Parts stash awaiting to go on the car... someday.

    Decided to let the professionals handle it. Got some quotes, and sent the car to the crusher... err... bodyshop in late February of this year. Never been so happy to see it leave.

    Shop pulled the doors and hatch, and get a fast start on all the panels.

    European bumpers (i.e. not huge park benches) smoothed and primed.

    Hood was pretty fucked and filled with filler but finding straight panels for this obscure shitbox is almost impossible. They did a great job with brining the original panels back into shape.

    Thorough... hood was painted top and bottom (all original insulation and adhesive was stripped first)

    Fenders getting smoothed out.

    Had them weld up all fifty of those holes. Doing it right(er...?)

    Fenders are now blocked and primed.

    First real big excitement point... bumpers are painted and DONE! Really starting to see it all come together in my head now.

    Hatch spoiler holes and emblem holes welded up and blocked. Ready for paint!

    As for wheels, I picked these up this past monday for $50 (yes, fifty US dollars).

    Going simple with the wheels. Redone gold centers. polished OE 1" lips, and some fresh center caps. Had tires peeled and disassembled them yesterday. They're on the left here next to my RS 207's (originally for the Shitaco, but 001's require less work and money to redo). Also sporting the 2pc Bugatti and Pininfarina. I'm a bit of a wheel whore.

    Really running out of room in the bedroom now ^^

    Well that's where I'm at right now. Shop owner sent me a couple updates this week. Nothing groundbreaking but I plan on stopping in tomorrow to pick up the hood, bumpers, and sunroof panel (all painted, I'll be reassembling the car at home myself). Will update with pics as long as they've made ample progress that's worthy of pics. Owner of the shop told me the early part of next week for completion... we'll see.

    Thanks for tuning in so far. Can't wait to set my own standard of what a Mk2 Scirocco can look like.
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        Wow. Crazy amount of work and what a great job man! Keep the updates coming.

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          Holy fuckpanzer.

          Keep it going, it's easy to give up- finishing it off is the choice of champions.
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            Good work
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              This will look sick! Looks like the body shop is making great progress! Can't wait to see how it turns out.

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                $50 for those wheels!? wow, really jealous of you
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                  ^^ frickin this!

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                    Nice work so far man


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                      I love that Golf, I hope this looks as OG as that does


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                        Dude yes, I love new build threads especially detailed ones with lots of hours put in. This is no exception keep it up!
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                          Love the progress so far! Keep us up to date!
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                            Sweet, never seen one of those vehicular vehicle stanced!


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                              I love everything about this, I have a rather large soft spot for early 'roccos.
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