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Suzuki Swift BSB - The build

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  • Suzuki Swift BSB - The build

    Hello from Romania!

    This is my Suzuki Swift 1.3 GS from 2008 [ GS is the Full Option version of the Swift ].

    Bought from new and now ruined as the parents like to think of it

    Sunday was her Birthday, 4 years since we have her in the family ... almost 50.000 Km and not a single problem with it.

    Timeline Jan 2008 :

    Will post more pictures with all the steps.

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    Timeline : Oct. 2008 Debadged look + Wheel test 16" 9J Et 15

    Didn't want to do much things to the car as it was driven by the lady and I was caught with my ex Golf Mk2 project [ never saw the day of light ] so after 10 months I decided to drop the rear badges and see what type of PCD does it have 4x100 or 4x114.3 as the old model had. Cleared things up ... she has 4x100 this means I can easily find some wheels for her.

    Timeline : Jan 2009 - Happy Birthday present

    1 year passed now, I've done in December the roof and mirror covers in glossy black but didn't took pictures of it, so having the Mk2 at the paint shop I decided I'd go on with this build. Always wanted a Bad Boy Look so I called my friend from Ghetto Tuning and started the work on it. Here's what came out of it :

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      Timeline : Apr. 2009 - Joey Mode DIY Headlights + Tinted Windows

      A friend offered to sell his old headlights so I thought I could try to Joey mode them, gave it a go knowing that all I can do is ruing them and not the ones on the car.

      Here's what came out of it :


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        Timeline : Jul 2009 - Suzuki Swift Sport steering wheel

        The little bastard arrived from UK after 3 weeks of waiting, eBay was looking like a gold mine for me!

        Steering Wheel on :

        Stock steering wheel :

        I can't even imagine now going back to the stock one

        Timeline : Aug. 2009 - Suzuki Swift Sport Mp3 player

        Also spotted on eBay so I couldn't resist and bought it. No performance differences, just looks.

        The stock one :

        New one :


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          Timeline : Sep 2009 - Suzuki Swift OEM roof spoiler

          Had it in the house for about 9 months I finally got around to paint it and fix it on the car.

          Timeline : Sep 2009 Full respray - Part 1

          I didn't enjoy the roof spoiler not even for a week when I had a small accident. I was driving the car on the road and got to see a football dropping on the hood and making a nice dent in it ... I did had some small dents on the body but nothing major. Here it is ... full respray with 10 days to go till the National meeting of Suzuki Owners in Romania.


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            Timeline : Sep 2009 - Putting the car back together

            Custom made DIY Projectors headlights + Suzuki Swift Sport front & rear bumper

            The guy in the picture is me As the guys from the dealership used to say ... the only customer that does it himself

            Still a lot of work to be done and less than 3 days till the meeting, the race was on!


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              Timeline : Sep 2009 - Car almost in one piece

              As low as a 4x4 on a lift kit ... damn I didn't get the order of doing things right


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                Timeline : Sep 2009 - Custom rear exhaust

                I wanted to go OEM on the exhaust so I bought one, didn't took into consideration the fact that the Sport version of the Swift misses the spare wheel ... so ... didn't fit and had to improvise.

                A movie of the exhaust :

                [ame=""]Suzuki Swift Exhaust - Member of MySwift.Ro - YouTube[/ame]

                2 days left till the meeting , I solved the exhaust problem , now I was left with one thing to do ...


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                  props for your work

                  how come the wheels didn't make it on?


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                    Timeline - Sep 2009 Apex -45 XLOW Springs

                    Should have done this first

                    Before :

                    After :

                    End result :


                    They were not mine, I just used them as a test. At that time I spent 1000$ on getting some BBS RM for the Golf ... in the end I will put them on the Swift


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                      Nice progress, well done!!



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                        I was expecting the old shape Swift, but I was pleasantly surprised when I saw this. I like what you've done with it! Just needs wheels and lows!


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                          Liked the projector lights, but damn, this thing needs lowz and wheels...


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                            Thank You guys!

                            I know it needs more drop and when I look back I realize I've done many things in the wrong order. If you ask me now I would go first for wheels and suspension then the rest of the body work [ order applied to the New Beetle that my lady drives now ].

                            To carry on with the build, I've done nothing major until the end of the year, just drove it on those silly 15" Oem wheels and enjoying some money in the back pocket.

                            In 2010, march I went crazy when I saw a listing on ebay for a brand new Swift Sport interior that Monster Sport Europe was selling. Managed to win the auction and got myself a bargain!

                            Timeline - Mar 2010

                            Suzuki Swift Sport interior

                            To see the difference here are some pictures :

                            a. Stock interior :

                            b. Sport interior :

                            If I was at the garage , we couldn't postpone the trunk lip any more so Ghetto Tuning made this custom trunk lip

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                              Timeline - Apr 2010 Swift Sport taillights

                              Found them in Germany on Ebay and really wanted them for a long time, bought them from someone that swapped them for some crappy lexus style ones ... I didn't took into consideration the wiring loom, it was different on the Sport so I had to wait another 2 weeks for the harness to arrive from the dealership.

                              If it was worth it, I think so It's a big difference between them

                              Swift Sport vs Swift

                              All done :

                              Working order :

                              The Sport version had chromed rings on the speedometer, nobody produced those for the Swift so here it was my new toy for the car : New Suzuki Swift Sport speedometer

                              Crappy part was that no dealership here in Romania can write them with the correct mileage, so now I'm 27.000 Km behind.