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  • my kraut burner

    hi all, another aussie here. been registered on here for a month or so now, lurking, lusting over some of the sweet cars on here. made my way over from bf.c. this is my bmw e21 320i. bodys nothing special, but its a hell of a lot of fun. few mods to it at the moment, plenty more to come

    list of stuff i can remember that ive done

    diy coilovers with koni adjustables all round
    lancer full adjustable strut tops
    cbr1100 bike carbs
    homemade front strut brace
    mostly stripped interior - no sound deadener, no carpet, basic door trims.
    stereo consists of a ebay 20w amp, 2 4x6" kenwood speakers and my mobile phone
    camber/toe adjustable rear bushes
    2 tone paint
    exhaust hole smoothed and dump pipe fitted
    several sets of wheels to choose from

    thats about all i can think of off the top of my head, probably more

    future plans are:

    paint spare front guards and bonnet and put on, so its all one shade of blue
    new bigger radiator(sitting in shed waiting til i get time)
    cam for current motor
    5spd box thats sitting in shed
    alu flywheel
    booster delete and all round brake upgrade(half way through collecting/making parts)
    front suspension upgrade(heim joints, swaybar change)

    then when i get bored with the cammed bmw motor, i have an sr20det sitting in the shed, gt2860r turbo, alu flywheel, s13 5spd box, r33 lsd diff to go in

    pics time

    currently on sportmax 513's 15x7 et15 with 195/45 up front and 16x8 et0 with 245/35 in the rear(need to poke the fronts out some more, got a plan, but wont happen for a while, dont want to use spacers)

    another set of sportmax, 15x8 with 195/50s. yes im cheap, but they look alright and do the job.

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    Glad to see you made it over.

    Mr. Belvedere

    I want to buy your single 4x100 Ronal Racing center


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      I like it.


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        caught up with a few mates last night, and mate took some half decent pics of my car, next to my other mates car, which is what made me choose to 2 tone mine. bottom colour is same paint code on both cars

        i really need to finish painting it oneday


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          I'd like to see it on some proper wheels, but it looks alright


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            Originally posted by SeanDub View Post
            I'd like to see it on some proper wheels, but it looks alright
            yeh, id love some real wheels, but at the end of the day, id rather spend money on parts to make it handle better and go faster before i spend it on better wheels

            i do try and keep my eye out for cheap bbs stuff on ebay over here in aus, but it doesnt come up often(or cheap). dont feel like taking the plunge of getting some imported from o/s just yet.


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              Nice car man. The bike carbs are a cool idea.


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                Originally posted by SeanDub View Post
                I'd like to see it on some proper wheels, but it looks alright
                Originally posted by da3bous
                I want you to photoshop a giant penis down the side of my car


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                  love what you did with the motor man!


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                    Originally posted by c-ron View Post
                    love what you did with the motor man!
                    cheers, i spun a bearing the week before xmas, and am still building a new one.

                    waited a month for a new bumper which turned up today, only to be greeted with this


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                      Good work!


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                        Originally posted by Rickysbmw320i View Post
                        Good work!

                        (note the nice big crack in it!!, you know, coz i luuuurve fibreglassing :p)

                        cant wait til its on tho


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                          awesome! i did never seen this thread and i planned to order the exact same wheels as you (the 513s), it would be great but fotunatley i found something different!
                          really clean E21, can't wait to show you mine in the "build threads", some weeks and i will have a some things to show!
                          have a question, what rate of spring do you use?
                          i ordered some 250lbs for front and 200 for rear, my friend riding a 6cyl told me it was really to soft, i ride a 4cyl and i do not mount them yet so before re-order some springs i wanted to ask.

                          again, really clean and nice looking E21!


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                            will keep an eye out for your thread then, always good to see another neat e21.

                            i going to hopefully paint the roof and front end soon, so it all matches.

                            im running 350lb up front, and 250lb in the rear(with factory swaybar)

                            what wheels did you go with?


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                              hey thanks for the rates, is it really stiff or still a bit confortable, i will put the 250lb in the rear and re-order some 350lb for the front.

                              so far i have all the 323i drivetrain hardware components, it misses some balljoints, handbrake cables and other little parts, i weld some coilover conversion kits on the front strut housings and i shorten them from 1,5" to fit E30 shocks, i won Bilstein B6 for E30 yesterday on so i expect to build all that in early march.
                              i still have to find a company to zincplate the front strut housings.

                              for the wheels, i had some wide 13" french 3 pieces wheels for years named PLS 413 but it is too small for E21 or my other project (B1 passat) so i found a guy having some wide PLS Le Mans (for the story, i am native from Le Mans) in 15" wanting some 13" for his mk1 golf, we trade yesterday but the guy is from where my mum lives at 600kms from me so i will have my wheels in 3 weeks now, when she will come back working there... the wheels are something like 7,5 and 9x15" in good condition and with big tires... i will swap the 195/50 off of the front on the 9" and throw out the 225/50 to put 185/45 on the 7.5"...
                              the new wheels:

                              wow, with all i said i think i really have to do my own thread!

                              Can't wait to see your car with roof and front end colour matched!