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  • hakhawks cosmos e36 coupe

    so the e21 is on stands in the shed getting a bunch of stuff done to it, and ive been driving the old mans lancer wagon around. browsing ebay as i usually do, and found this beauty had just been listed, got the VIN and checked to make sure it was legit, picked it up sunday.

    its a 1994 318is 5spd. base model everything, sunroof, etc. has 135000ks on the clock, assuming its legit but not sure. its had a smack in the bum at some stage but was repaired properly from what i can see. has m3 front and sideskirts, have to pickup a rear bumper to match

    needs a bit of tlc, and a few things for roadworthy, shouldnt be too long and ill have it on the road as my new daily.

    dont worry, will be ordering some coilovers for it once i have some more cash(needs new front shocks for roady anyway) so it will be getting dropped as soon as possible

    least it doesnt have typical aussie bogan reverse rake syndrome.

    i bought these wheels off ebay early september and the prick has finally managed to sort out sending them to me.

    theyre simmons LE 3 piece wheels. 17x8 +15ish and 17x9.75 +8ish

    they were listed as refurbished, which it looks like they were but have been sitting outside for quite a while and dont look too good anymore. so looks like ill be refurbishing them again.

    test fit them on the car after work, im going to try and track down some 2.5" lips for the rear instead of the 3.5" on there now. it IS a daily, and the cops down under dont take too kindly to excessive pokage!!



    fronts on the rear

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    Just roll the bujesus out of your rear fenders. I bet you could fit the 3.5" lips with that and some camber.


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      Holy buhjesus.
      Sorry, drooling on the keyboard...
      Christof Goulart


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        Oh mylanta.

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          Damn, those are some aggressive wheels!!
          Originally posted by TRaNz
          omg man...naaaaahhhhhh...dafuq bro...nah thats crossing the line. youre fucked bengfacebengcunt.


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            Really nice wheels! Make them fit!


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              DAMN!!!!! et9 17x9.75 on an e36 rear? DO WERKKKK!!!!

              dont think I've seen many setups as aggressive as this. Definitely possible though, the e36 quarter panels flare VERY well, use a lot of heat and a large angle with the fender roller. Should turn out nice

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                dont swap the lips out, make them work!!! i love e36 coupes


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                  don't change the lips, please! just make them fit, after all when you drop the car the rear will look a lil bit different, so those rims will be perfect.



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                    had a play with one of the door trims tonight, got it glued on semi ok, not quite lined up, but better than hanging in the breeze. gotta glue some of the vinyl at the bottom aswell

                    slowly working out what parts i need for roady, so far its just normal wear and tear items.


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                      Looks awesome dude, Wheels look mint!

                      They'll fit for sure Make us aussies proud! haha
                      Originally posted by anth
                      Lucky they didn't come into your house and disrespect your whole family.


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                        cheers. yeh, everytime i look at the pics, its looking easier and easier to make it work!!


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                          what happens when the cops see pokeage?


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                            Rapage happens.
                            Originally posted by anth
                            Lucky they didn't come into your house and disrespect your whole family.


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                              Originally posted by ThatEF9kid View Post
                              what happens when the cops see pokeage?