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Need some toyota/ body shops to recommend

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  • Need some toyota/ body shops to recommend

    I just wrecked my ES250. The engine bay is fine, the accident involved my car and a curb. The from and right side damage may be mostly cosmetic, car starts fine, however, engine grinding occurs when gear is on reverse. engine bay seems undisturbed from the top view. air bags got deployed.

    got it towed to a close by auto shop which turns out is not a body shop. I have one more free tow from AAA. if anyone has connects north of seattle of shops that specialize in rebuilding this lexus/toyota, that would be great. I have lots of parts I have yet to put on this car, hence, I don't want insurance involved to have it totaled.

    Car is currently in Fremont. I live in Shoreline. The shops that I had this car worked on are in Auburn, but I would like to move the car north, especially since its in a broken condition. thanks for reading