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Visiting Michigan for 2 months from the UK

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  • Visiting Michigan for 2 months from the UK

    Hi guys, I'm visiting Michigan from early July to early September and I wanted to attend as many car shows/cruises as possible

    I know about the Wooadward Ave Cruise, and also the All American Cruise,

    But I was hoping on some more stance related stuff too.

    Maybe you guys could recommend places to go too? Its my first time visiting the US.

    Looking forward to your replies.


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    Go to the U.P. (upper peninsula) and try to make it towards copper harbor. It's Michigan at its absolute finest. Plus there's plenty of good driving roads up there.

    Michigan unfortunately isn't really a stance minded state. You'll find that our roads in the lower peninsula aren't really low car friendly and that the car scene here is largely domestic vehicles with poor stance


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      Thanks ill try jot it down on my to-do list.

      Any other car related stuff to do? Im also visiting the henry ford museum.


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        Theres four main events that take place over the summer in michigan.

        At the start you've got "eurohanger" also the st. Ignace car show. Both on June 29th

        Mid summer you've got the dream cruise.

        In September you've got the Frankenmuth car show (better than st. Ignace IMO)

        There's also various driving events with the scca, drag strips, or other tracks. In Detroit and Lansing you can find cars and coffee type meets, but they're infrequent to my knowledge.

        If you end up having the displeasure of being around the Saginaw area, hit me up and I'll try to get some locals together for a meet.


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          I wont be able to make any events in June unfortunately.

          I will be attending the dream cruise for sure! It was one of my first things on my list.

          The Frankenmuth car show I wont be able to attend either as I'm leaving September 2nd.

          I will try hit as many spots as possible, my trip is mainly to visit my fiance that has moved out there.

          I most definitely will hit you up if I ever happen to be around that area.

          Thanks a lot for your help.


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            What about stuff to do in the metro Detroit area? I'm trying to see as much stuff as possible


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              There's awesome roads to drive on in the upper peninsula. I live on the west end on the Wisconson border. Not really many car shows besides some of the local car club stuff. Definitely some nice sites though. :thumbup:

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                By Frankenmuth Car Show are you referring to NoWo?