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  • ARCHATTACK:: mobile arch-based services

    Posting on behalf of a friend of mine;

    Find us on FACEBOOK ::
    or TWITTER ::

    Can't quite jam those sexy new wheels under your untouched arches? Rob and Steve are here to help.

    "Our company is Arch Attack, dedicated to the needs of the modified car enthusiast that either wants wider wheels or a crazy stance!

    Based in the midlands area we offer cost effective mobile arch rolling and flaring using only the best equipment and know-how.

    We already have many happy customers but are working on extending our services throughout the UK. We WILL TRAVEL, with our equipment to you.

    For a quote on arch rolling or flaring simply drop us a message via Facebook or give Rob a call/text on 07717508427.

    We are attending most meets and events as we can with flyers and cards so we expect to see you guys around and to have a chat!"

    Here's Rob's gently caressed Gora;

    Any questions? Feel free to either contact Rob or post here and we'll reply ASAP.

    Originally posted by Jersh
    RT changes lives.

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    How many cars has he done? More quality close up pictures will help coz everyone knows a photo at 5m can hide just about anything


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      What he said. Close ups please.
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        few more pics on his Facebook fyi, not many but a few.

        where is he based?



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          Has he done any BMWs before?


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            Hey there guys!

            Sorry we should of created out own account and posted our ad really! If you check us out on Facebook there are photos and a video soon to be released showing exactly how we roll/flare. there may not be many pics up at the moment but we are struggling to source the pics taken from previous client's vehicles. We are a fairly new company but still offer the same level of expertise as big names such as ArchEnemy but with HALF the cost!

            In answer to the question we are primarily based in Leicester, but travel all over the place. If you would like any more info at all please contact via phone, text, Facebook or email.

            Thanks for your time,


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              What insurance do you possess if something goes wrong or do you have to sign liability forms?

              Again. BMWs?


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                Sorry yes We have rolled BMWs a few times. The customer signs a disclaimer stating that if the arches are not in a fit state for rolling or flaring (rust etc) then the paint may crack no matter what heat is put into it. That's really all that can go wrong, we bring the jack and stands too!


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                  If you're advertising here then can you put all the information/pics here, I and maybe others can't see FB at work

                  So you charge 45 per pair and 65 for all four arches then? Removal of all arch sealant on bmw's?


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                    Right guys sorry about this rather fragmented thread!

                    Here are some pics of our work although there are more photos to come!

                    Rob's VW Gora running AMG monoblocks 8 up front and 9 on rear:

                    The flaring process

                    Still needs a little levelling

                    Very Yellow Lupo Rolled and slightly flared:

                    Many more pics to come soon and a possible short video of the rolling process!

                    Our prices are not set! Pricing varies on most vehicles but as a guide we usually ask for:

                    Two arches rolled: 40
                    Four arches rolled: 60
                    Two arches flared: 50
                    Four arches flared: 80

                    Bare in mind that ArchEnemy charge DOUBLE our rates!

                    Thanks very much
                    AA Team
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                        Have you done any E39 M5's I'm based in Loughborough so very local


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                          Here are some examples of our work, We really do put emphasis on a great value experience for customers and we, ourselves ourselves are fanatical about car modification!

                          Please contact us through Facebook or by phone/text on 07717508427.

                          The Arch Attack Team


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                            Just to let you Arch Attack is still up and running and more successful than ever! Please feel free to contact us anytime!


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                              I'll edit the main body of this post now - Rob is still an absolute star at rolling arches and I genuinely wouldn't trust anyone else with mine!

                              Originally posted by Jersh
                              RT changes lives.