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Low'n Slow Peugeot 307

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    I was going to remove the wiper but the rear for some reason gets covered in dirt where I can see out the rear window, I want rid but for safety I think I'll keep it for winter coming.

    I'm getting the front and rear smoothed over the bits on the bumper then some some new wheels I think but little steps for me


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      Gotta love Your car, daniel! Good Job!
      one question tho, did You try and change rear camber also?
      I got the same pug at home, was thinking about lowering it and fit 8 and 9" wide style 32s, which i already got but i def need to add rear camber but im not sure how it could be done, was thinking maybe You could help me out?


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        Thanks for the appreciation toomash. I haven't cambered my but it's pretty easy; just use some shims. You'll get enough tutorials on the internet on how to do it.


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          I realized now that I haven't updated this in a very long time. Quite a lot of things happened

          - I redrilled the Futura's to 4x108
          - Radinox lips all around (2.25' F and 3.25' R)
          - she is now bagged

          Front end will be changed soon. Pics coming up after.


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            This is a great build, but stickerbombing on the interior is kinda meh IMO. Any updates on how it's doing? I've seen some cool 307s on this page and I've been thinking about getting one myself.
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