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The Nürburgring. There’s no way I can as eloquently depict this motorsport Mecca, than what has already been written over the years. What I can tell you however, is that you MUST go. Nothing I could say will come close to touching upon just how utterly mind bending this place is.

The ADAC Nürburgring 24 Hour was my first 24 hour race. Something I thought I was prepared for after numerous conversations with N24 veterans. Boy, was I wrong.


I haven’t properly been behind the camera shooting cars in about 2 years now. Once I graduated college, I was in a desperate search for a job, and that took nearly all of my time, pulling me away from the craft entirely. I did a few side sessions for a high end “dealership” if you will, and that was pretty much it. Once I finally landed my job, it of course took over my life.


Not every car is a full-fledged build – while some cars have money thrown at them hand over fist, others achieve an air of elegance through style and candor. Cars are more than just objects to most of us, they become an extension of our own being, when we use them every day. For Erik Hendricks, his B7 A4 avant is no exception.

While this is not his first foray into VAG cars, this is definitely a change up from what he’s done in the past.


The E36 is without a doubt one of the most popular cars chosen among those wanting to live the low lifestyle. However, with their popularity comes a challenge to really stand out from the rest, and Sergio, or as most know him, “Mexican”, does just that.

This is definitely not the first time many of you have seen this car. In fact, I’m willing to bet most of you have. It is one of those defining cars that so many BMW guys look to when defining the “perfect” E36.


Gatebil: The Experience

Kielan Prince

There is no way that I could possibly truly describe Gatebil, it’s just not possible. For some inexplicable reason, 44,000 people gather at Rudskogen Motorsenter in Norway, for a 3-day long, what the event organizers call “track day.” Although to call this just a “track day” would be the most serious understatement of all time.

Gatebil is way more than just a track day; hell it’s pretty much a way of life.