Between Black and White – Jae Park’s Opposing Pair of GT3-Trimmed Ferrari 458s

Photography by Devin Capriati – As the world moves towards efficiency, Ferrari’s 458 is likely to hold a special place in the marque’s history. It likely won’t be regarded as their best design, although its unquestionably a show-stopper. It likely won’t be remembered for its racing pedigree either. It will, however, be rememebred as one of the last great free-revving naturally-aspirated V8s. Sure, turbochargers may be better in every objective way, but there’s something to be said for an all-motor exotic, which as a breed will become fewer and further between as the years go on. Understandably, then, Jae Park had to have one to call his own. And when one wasn’t enough, he bought a second.

It’s hard to imagine needing more than one, but it certainly doesn’t need to be justified. And while we are ignoring justifications, both of Park’s 458s have been clad in Ferrari’s OEM GT3 bodywork. While neither are true GT3 cars, or even track cars for that matter, the bodywork takes the 458’s presence to an entirely new level. When paired with BBS E89s and air suspension, Park is left with an undeniably incredible pair of true street cars.

It’s clear that Park wanted cars that matched – after all, they are, in ways, one in the same. In others, though, they differ. The white 458, a 2010 model, wears a vibrant red interior, with a slew of carbon accessories for contrast.

While it’s a shame he can’t drive them both simultaneously, we can hope he’s got friends – there’s no doubt passing by this duo parked literally anywhere would leave a lasting impression.


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